The book Thirteen Reasons Why is set in a town called Crestmont. The book never specifically tells what state, but it does tell you all about the town. The book describes different stores, shops, parks, and neighborhoods through the perspective of Clay or Hannah. From the book I can tell you that it is a small town, similar to Freeport. One of the places most talked about in the book is the high school. Hannah and Clay both describe the school in their own way. Clay says it's your every day ordinary high school, while Hannah tells about her torment within the walls. Another area in the book is Monet's cafe. This was where Hannah met her best friend turned tormentor. Clay also goes there while listening to the tapes. He describes it as a little cafe that comes out as a Starbucks. It also has an organic vibe to it. Small tables, booths, windows to the street, and a bar. Another area I feel that is important is Eisenhower Park where Hannah had her first kiss. She described the jungle gym where she played on while waiting for Justin. She describes the field it's in and the trees around and the fountain near it. There are many more areas that show significance to the story, like the candy store where her troubles became torment, the movie theatre, and the neighborhoods. The book gives the sense that the town is a nice peaceful area, Hannah gives it a dark vibe. In conclusion the town in thirteen reasons why is like Freeport's small town atmosphere.

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