Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Meeting #1
  • Why did she use tapes instead of letters or other forms of communication 
  • Do you think Hannah's tapes will stay between the twelve people on the list, or will they be shown to the authorities and/or released to the public? Should they be? 
  • If another person on the list is involved in a tape that isn't their own, why doesn't Hannah call them by name?
  • Why does Mr. Porter react so weird when he finds out of Hannah's death? 
  • Why didn't clay make a move on Hannah? He seems to like her a lot. 

1. The tapes were an easy way to record herself. The tapes are dramatic, and almost a punishment because in order to pass them on you must deliver an actual passage. 
2. We all believe that the tapes will stay between the members of the tapes. 
3. We think she wants to call them out by herself 
4. We think she has some sort of connection or relationship with Mr. Porter. 

5. He was nervous, because he cared about her so much. 

Meeting #2

  • If Hannah knew someone was watching her, why didn't she tell her parents?
  • Why did Hannah go to Tyler's house while she was recording the tape for him? What made his tape so special?
  • Why did she choose to tell someone random about her "peeping tom?"
  • Why is Marcus so mad at Tyler too, if he's guilty of something as well?
  • Why did Hannah choose to take a picture with Courtney? Why did she want Tyler to take it?  

1. She wanted to handle it herself
2. She wanted to get a point across. She wanted to show that she was stronger than him.
3. She was compelled to tell someone about it, without being judged.
4. Marcus is disgusted with Tyler, he cares for Hannah and is disgusted with Tyler. He's also feeling guilty and wanted to put more pressure on Tyler instead of himself.

5. Hannah wanted to show Courtney that she didn't have control over her.

Meeting #3

  • Why did Marcus think him and Hannah were being serious about their date?
  • Why did Clay make his mother bring him the tapes? Wasn't he thinking about the consequences if she had listened to them?
  • What was the point of Zach stealing Hannah's notes?
  • After Hannah had read the list of warning signs of suicide, was she concerned at all about her radical change in appearance? Was there a reason she didn't reach out to someone?
  • Why did Tyler decide to help Clay, while he was listening to the Tape about himself?
  • Did Hannah blame herself for the death of the random civilian, after Jenny had given her a ride home and hit the stop sign?

1. We think he didn't appreciate her reputation. He thought her reputation was real; therefore, he tried to take advantage of her .
2. He was caught up  in the moment. He wasn't thinking about what would happen.
3. He wanted to diminish all things that could give her confidence
4. She had felt like no one would notice her anyways.
5. Tyler understood the feelings that clay would be feeling. He wanted to make sure he was safe
6. In a way she blamed herself because she thought she shouldn't have let jenny drive.

Meeting #4

  • Do the owners and listeners of the tape feels sympathy for one and other, or guilt, or hatred, or what?
  • How do the tape owners go on living their lives normally?
  • How will this affect clays life in the future?
  • What was Hannah's intent when she had sent the tapes?
  • What happens to the tapes after the last person listens to them? 
  • How has this book effected you. 

1. They feel hatred towards one and other, and guilt together that they all killed Hannah together. 
2. They will always feel guilt, and will be more cautious about how they treat other people.
3. In some ways it taught him to be more personable with people, and also about the warning signs of suicide 
4. She wanted them to feel guilt 
5. He just keeps them forever, or maybe destroys them. 

6. We have a further understanding of suicidal people. 

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