Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Meeting #1 

"I grab I Butterfinger from the rack and place it next to my drink."

     This is culturally an American candy, so you can obviously see that this little town is somewhere in America. 

"Hannah Baker is not, and never was a slut."

     Loads of drama in this book, and it is in high school, so this is definitely some American culture.

"Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Baker's man."

     This is an American nursery rhyme, so this is part of American culture.

     The passages in the book seem to relate to the culture of an average American teenager. The food, setting, and interactions of the characters can reflect that of the lives the students in Freeport. We may not face some of the difficulties those students in the book do, but we do participate in similar issues. 

Meeting #2 

"Which class did we have?" "Wood Shop." I still don't remember her.

     This is an example of the way our culture works and how teenagers are in school. Usually in the first quarter of the school year people don't know who's in their class and it takes a while for people to know everyone.

"Everyone is either holding a bottle, a can, or a red plastic cup."

     This is a stereotypical American party and it fits with where we are in our teenage lives with people going to parties.

"Skye Miller, my eighth grade crush."

     Love and crushes are something that's been going on for years and years. People get denied or accepted by their crush wether or not you go for it and ask them out. 

     In the recent years high-schoolers have been pressured with the task of being able to balance a new schedule, the peer pressure of drinking, and new and more complex relationships. The change from middle school to high school is shown through the sudden and radical change in maturity that is expected of us. We are placed from one school to another with the duties of learning our surroundings as well as our peers and teachers. With growing up comes more responsibility. 

Meeting #3 

"They'd hear confusion. Frustration. Even some anger. 

     This quote reminds me of the way people are in this day and age. A lot of people are angry all the time because of what happens in their lives.

"I shake my head and reach for my wallet. "No I'll pay"

     This happens a lot with my family when my grandparents eat with us. They want to pay but my parents try and fight back and be polite but my grandparents usually end up paying.

"The kisses felt like first kisses."

     People still have feelings and some people find people that completely wipe their mind of their last girl/boyfriend.

     Relationships today can rule our lives. We deal with the fact that relationships are not what they use to be. With the impact of technology, chivalry, and even the gender of relationship participants, everything is changing. Now, younger and younger people are dealing with forces that they shouldn't have to be until they are much older. Pressure for sex as well as just the emotions that are conveyed can do a lot of damage to the people in a relationship. When we look upon the people around us, the relationships that are even just friendship or family, we can see a growing obstacle of needing to be more mature. Anger, happiness, money, greed, kisses, almost anything, impacts the relationships we have with our peers, lovers, and family members. 

Meeting #4 

“Lamppost stand in the various play areas, but most of the bulbs are either burnt out or busted."

     This gives a good representation of some cities parks. Some parks like in New York are well kept but some that are in the inner city that aren't as well kept. 

"Without her voice, the slight static hum that constantly played beneath her words." 

     When you concentrate on something you feel strongly about you get different feelings inside yourself.

"Right there, outside his door, is where I last saw Hannah baker alive."

     When you feel strongly about something there are things that remind you of the person like certain places or songs.

     Our feelings towards things can change them immensely. When something is more valuable, even in an emotional way, it will be maintained more. When you really care for something, you'll do anything to keep it safe and happy. When you care for something it's on your mind constantly. Things like our lovers, a necklace or watch, or even our phones can have extreme sentimental value. 

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