Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Six Word Memoir

Things are more than they appear


Meeting #1
  • Why did she use tapes instead of letters or other forms of communication 
  • Do you think Hannah's tapes will stay between the twelve people on the list, or will they be shown to the authorities and/or released to the public? Should they be? 
  • If another person on the list is involved in a tape that isn't their own, why doesn't Hannah call them by name?
  • Why does Mr. Porter react so weird when he finds out of Hannah's death? 
  • Why didn't clay make a move on Hannah? He seems to like her a lot. 

1. The tapes were an easy way to record herself. The tapes are dramatic, and almost a punishment because in order to pass them on you must deliver an actual passage. 
2. We all believe that the tapes will stay between the members of the tapes. 
3. We think she wants to call them out by herself 
4. We think she has some sort of connection or relationship with Mr. Porter. 

5. He was nervous, because he cared about her so much. 

Meeting #2

  • If Hannah knew someone was watching her, why didn't she tell her parents?
  • Why did Hannah go to Tyler's house while she was recording the tape for him? What made his tape so special?
  • Why did she choose to tell someone random about her "peeping tom?"
  • Why is Marcus so mad at Tyler too, if he's guilty of something as well?
  • Why did Hannah choose to take a picture with Courtney? Why did she want Tyler to take it?  

1. She wanted to handle it herself
2. She wanted to get a point across. She wanted to show that she was stronger than him.
3. She was compelled to tell someone about it, without being judged.
4. Marcus is disgusted with Tyler, he cares for Hannah and is disgusted with Tyler. He's also feeling guilty and wanted to put more pressure on Tyler instead of himself.

5. Hannah wanted to show Courtney that she didn't have control over her.

Meeting #3

  • Why did Marcus think him and Hannah were being serious about their date?
  • Why did Clay make his mother bring him the tapes? Wasn't he thinking about the consequences if she had listened to them?
  • What was the point of Zach stealing Hannah's notes?
  • After Hannah had read the list of warning signs of suicide, was she concerned at all about her radical change in appearance? Was there a reason she didn't reach out to someone?
  • Why did Tyler decide to help Clay, while he was listening to the Tape about himself?
  • Did Hannah blame herself for the death of the random civilian, after Jenny had given her a ride home and hit the stop sign?

1. We think he didn't appreciate her reputation. He thought her reputation was real; therefore, he tried to take advantage of her .
2. He was caught up  in the moment. He wasn't thinking about what would happen.
3. He wanted to diminish all things that could give her confidence
4. She had felt like no one would notice her anyways.
5. Tyler understood the feelings that clay would be feeling. He wanted to make sure he was safe
6. In a way she blamed herself because she thought she shouldn't have let jenny drive.

Meeting #4

  • Do the owners and listeners of the tape feels sympathy for one and other, or guilt, or hatred, or what?
  • How do the tape owners go on living their lives normally?
  • How will this affect clays life in the future?
  • What was Hannah's intent when she had sent the tapes?
  • What happens to the tapes after the last person listens to them? 
  • How has this book effected you. 

1. They feel hatred towards one and other, and guilt together that they all killed Hannah together. 
2. They will always feel guilt, and will be more cautious about how they treat other people.
3. In some ways it taught him to be more personable with people, and also about the warning signs of suicide 
4. She wanted them to feel guilt 
5. He just keeps them forever, or maybe destroys them. 

6. We have a further understanding of suicidal people. 


Meeting #1

     In the book Thirteen Reasons Why, I found a connection between it and another book I read over the summer. In TRW Hannah tells how she fought with her friend and how she got a scar from her. She says "I see it every morning when I get ready for school. 'Goodmorning, Hannah,' it says. And every night when I get ready for bed. 'Sleep tight.'" In the book Fight Club which I read over the summer, the narrator tells how when he went to work the morning after his fight he got weird looks. Then he tells how he was proud, he liked the bruises because they made him feel good. The connection between these books is just simply how sometimes a scar or bruise can mean different things to different people but they always say something.

 It was a deep, powerful connection that we found to be very true. The reality is that sometimes we do show our scars to show a powerful message.

Meeting #2

     In the book I found the quote "... They are also very posed. Posed what an interesting way to sum up Courtney's tale. Because when your posed you know someone's watching. You put on your very best smile. You let your sweetest personality shine." This quote reminded me of one I heard in a show. The man had said " Pictures capture moments in time. When they're posed, they're not real. You know, I hate that whole, like, "gneen!" thing. That's why, at a party, you'll see me in the bushes with my camera." These two quotes coincide with each other, they both say that in a photo you can be posed and fake unlike in the moment when you can be real.

It was all unanimous people agreed that the quotes I found directly agreed with each other.

Meeting #3

     In the book Thirteen Reasons Why, there is a point in the book when the main character is talking about how if one thing had changed could Hannah still be alive? This reminded me of the theory where if a different decision is made everytime will there be a different outcome? For example if you were presented with two doors and you went through the first door. There you are presented with 3 buttons and you push the middle one. Then a light turns on. Now think how if you had made a different choice on the door could the outcome be different? Same with the buttons. This relates to the book because he was wondering if one thing had happened differently would she be alive?

We all agreed that if one thing had been different she might be alive. Everything is connected in someway, similar to the fact that one thing can change everything. 

Meeting #4

     In the final pages of the book clay realizes that he didn't see the signs of Hannah's suicide. He then begins to see the same pattern in another girl Skye. I made the connection of him learning from his mistakes to humanity itself. Humanity is all about evolution. The fact that Clay saw what went wrong and is trying to correct his flaws is like the human body when it corrects mistakes in its cells, or when people see that something went wrong in a situation and try to correct it. In itself clay was being human and it shows his humanity.

We all thought that this is kind of like learning from past mistakes. Clay was able to learn from Hannahs death to help someone else out. 

Character Tracker

Meeting #1 

"A lot of you cared just not enough."
     This shows that clay understands the feelings that most people feel. Meaning- he is able to sympathize with others well. 
"Everything...affects everything."
    This shows how insightful Clay can be about the lives of teenagers, and even the world. 
"It's hard to be disappointed when what you expected turns out to be true.”
     "Hope for the best, but expect the worst." Clay uses that quote when looking at life. He see's that bad things can happen, but hopes that they don't. 

    He obviously is a caring individual. He cares a lot that Hannah died. He knows the consequences of when people are mean blindly and don't think about what they are saying. Some people can get by it but obviously she didn't.

Meeting #2 

     The character Bret is now realizing how important everyone was in Jessica's suicide. He understands his feeling towards her as we'll and sees how good of a person she was.

Meeting #3

Hannah starts to change, because she realizes that people aren't all what they seem. 

"Have the only two people you truly trust turn against you. Have one of them use you to get back at the other, and then be accused of betrayal."

     In this passage, she begins to realize that everyone that she thought was her friend, are really not. This show's growth.

"And then... well... certain thoughts begin creeping around. Will I ever get control of my life? Will I always be pushed around by those I trust?" 

     Then she starts to think about suicide. Doubting that her life won't get better, and how maybe that if she were to end her life, it would help her get away from all the rumors, and people. This show's development, because she is trying to come up with a solution to her problem, even though it isn't a good solution.

Meeting #4 


Meeting #1 

"I grab I Butterfinger from the rack and place it next to my drink."

     This is culturally an American candy, so you can obviously see that this little town is somewhere in America. 

"Hannah Baker is not, and never was a slut."

     Loads of drama in this book, and it is in high school, so this is definitely some American culture.

"Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Baker's man."

     This is an American nursery rhyme, so this is part of American culture.

     The passages in the book seem to relate to the culture of an average American teenager. The food, setting, and interactions of the characters can reflect that of the lives the students in Freeport. We may not face some of the difficulties those students in the book do, but we do participate in similar issues. 

Meeting #2 

"Which class did we have?" "Wood Shop." I still don't remember her.

     This is an example of the way our culture works and how teenagers are in school. Usually in the first quarter of the school year people don't know who's in their class and it takes a while for people to know everyone.

"Everyone is either holding a bottle, a can, or a red plastic cup."

     This is a stereotypical American party and it fits with where we are in our teenage lives with people going to parties.

"Skye Miller, my eighth grade crush."

     Love and crushes are something that's been going on for years and years. People get denied or accepted by their crush wether or not you go for it and ask them out. 

     In the recent years high-schoolers have been pressured with the task of being able to balance a new schedule, the peer pressure of drinking, and new and more complex relationships. The change from middle school to high school is shown through the sudden and radical change in maturity that is expected of us. We are placed from one school to another with the duties of learning our surroundings as well as our peers and teachers. With growing up comes more responsibility. 

Meeting #3 

"They'd hear confusion. Frustration. Even some anger. 

     This quote reminds me of the way people are in this day and age. A lot of people are angry all the time because of what happens in their lives.

"I shake my head and reach for my wallet. "No I'll pay"

     This happens a lot with my family when my grandparents eat with us. They want to pay but my parents try and fight back and be polite but my grandparents usually end up paying.

"The kisses felt like first kisses."

     People still have feelings and some people find people that completely wipe their mind of their last girl/boyfriend.

     Relationships today can rule our lives. We deal with the fact that relationships are not what they use to be. With the impact of technology, chivalry, and even the gender of relationship participants, everything is changing. Now, younger and younger people are dealing with forces that they shouldn't have to be until they are much older. Pressure for sex as well as just the emotions that are conveyed can do a lot of damage to the people in a relationship. When we look upon the people around us, the relationships that are even just friendship or family, we can see a growing obstacle of needing to be more mature. Anger, happiness, money, greed, kisses, almost anything, impacts the relationships we have with our peers, lovers, and family members. 

Meeting #4 

“Lamppost stand in the various play areas, but most of the bulbs are either burnt out or busted."

     This gives a good representation of some cities parks. Some parks like in New York are well kept but some that are in the inner city that aren't as well kept. 

"Without her voice, the slight static hum that constantly played beneath her words." 

     When you concentrate on something you feel strongly about you get different feelings inside yourself.

"Right there, outside his door, is where I last saw Hannah baker alive."

     When you feel strongly about something there are things that remind you of the person like certain places or songs.

     Our feelings towards things can change them immensely. When something is more valuable, even in an emotional way, it will be maintained more. When you really care for something, you'll do anything to keep it safe and happy. When you care for something it's on your mind constantly. Things like our lovers, a necklace or watch, or even our phones can have extreme sentimental value.